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My name is Ebere Azumah, and I love delivering babies, teaching & caring for girls, women, and educating our communities. I am a board certified Obstetrician and gynecologist who obtained her medical degree from Wayne State School of Medicine. As a new attending in 2014, I found out that there is more to providing care, and then, I realized that I needed to understand the American healthcare delivery system better. So, I decided to obtain my Master’s degree in Public Health at Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health in Boston to understand more about the various healthcare systems, and key stakeholders in healthcare decision making. My experience in Boston was truly life-altering. During that period, I met my business partner, Bria Gadsden, and we formed an empowerment and menstrual wellness organization called Love Your Menses, Inc. (www.loveyourmenses.com). This organization focuses on menstrual equity, evidence-based information-sharing, empowerment, and mentorship. Our organization has now grown to become a global organization. After the formation of Love Your Menses, Inc. and obtaining my Master’s degree, I decided to expand Azumah Solutions LLC to also help to provide community education to especially girls and women. Healthy and Uplifted was then created as a platform that brings in expert leaders in various fields to have dialogues with our community as we tackle different problems affecting women, and importantly to find tangible solutions to these problems.

I am a woman and a mother of one who is very passionate about helping people and communities to thrive and flourish through life, unapologetically.


I love providing community education. Therefore, I use my background in medicine, public health, and as a Certified Life Coach to provide needed information and education to communities, to me this is holistic medicine. I am also a lifelong learner, and I worked hard to become a certified International Coaching Federation. The coaching skills that I have has allowed me to become a better person, but more importantly, it has made me an effective Life Coach to my clients. As a Life Coach, I have witnessed my client open up a successful photography studio and increased his revenue. I also helped another client switch from a malignant residency program to a more successful one. I’ve also helped people in academia update their resume and interact with their network to land a better job in academia. I have also helped others create organizations. It is with humility and joy that I share these testimonials, and I am indeed grateful that my clients have given me the opportunities to contribute to their life stories.

I shared all of the above for you to get to know a bit about me and my passion. My experiences have also allowed me to provide holistic care for my patients, clients, and friends by combining all my experiences and talents into Azumah Solutions.


Dr. Azumah began her coaching journey shortly after she completed her obstetrics and gynecology residency. She wanted to become a better person, physician, and friend, and she did. She began taking courses on Life Coaching, learning about change theory, and using reflective questioning to unearth deeper thoughts and meanings. Dr. Azumah made a decision to hire a coach to help her prepare and pass her oral board exams. After she obtained her certification as an Associate Certified Coach, she began her coaching practice and has been recruited by a diverse group of people including photographers, medical students, professional men and women, pharmacists wanting to increase sales, public health professionals wanting to start nonprofit organizations, and physicians wanting to move up in their career ladders.

Stay Flourish, be Fulfilled, and find true Freedom.

Dr. Azumah’s coaching program uses the three F’s to meet the needs and goals of her clients:

Dr. Azumah believes that we were placed on earth to truly flourish. From Positive Psychology website Ms. Ackerman eloquently quotes a psychologist Dr. Lynn Soots, describing Flourishing [as the product] of the pursuit and engagement of an authentic life that brings inner joy and happiness through meeting goals […] Dr. Azumah began to flourish on her own terms when she accepted that flourishing is actually a skill-set or mindself. She then began to accept her authentic self which doesn’t exclude the desire for improvement.


In the end, after a goal has been reached, a mark reached, or a degree earned…is fulfillment. It is paramount that we are fulfilled. You know that feeling of being satisfied with your life’s work? Yes, that’s fulfillment. For some of us, being fulfilled doesn’t come naturally. But with the right coach, we begin to realize our innate desires and our ability to meet them, and then, be fulfilled.


This term has a different meaning to each of us. Some of us desire the freedom to be our authentic selves, and for others, it means the ability to speak up against a regimen. As your Life Coach, she will help you to discover how to become free from your past mistakes and/or find strength in your weakness. Free from that comment by your parents or loved ones that causes you to have self-doubt, or even freedom from your unrealistic expectation about yourself. 

Dr. Azumah uses these 3 F’s almost as her personal mantras. She wakes up hoping to be free from her past or recent mistakes, and free from the comments of her doubters. She hopes to be fulfilled in life, and lastly, she prays to always flourish.


Having Ebere as a life coach is a blessing. Through my ups and downs, she has encouraged me to stay positive and keep going through my hardship. Having a strong woman beside me to keep me strong has encouraged me to do bigger things in life. I forever will be grateful. Thank you
Kelvin Carter
I've had the pleasure of working with Dr. Ebere Azumah for the past 2 years as a colleague and mentee. Dr. Azumah is an intentional, empathetic, practical, and effective coach. She has helped me recognize my strengths and leverage my resources to enhance my personal and professional development. Whether you are a student seeking support with understanding how to align your education with your true life's purpose or a mid-career professional interested in switching careers, I highly recommend working with Dr. Azumah!
Bria Gadsden
“Ebere is a great friend and mentor, who knows exactly when to push me to my limits and when to be a listening ear. I know that she always works with my absolute best interest in mind, and have no doubt that I could trust her with anything. I would highly recommend seeking her guidance through the ups and downs of life.”
Sarah D.
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