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Dr. Ebere came to my aid during a critical point in my career path. It’s thanks to her encouragement and positive, goal-oriented guidance that I was able to overcome the short-term hurdles in my educational path and start taking practical and productive steps towards my goal of becoming a physician serving the needs of the underserved. At this time, I’m working as a resident in Internal Medicine and changing lives every day. Having Dr. Ebere as a life coach gave me just what I needed to turn my dream into a life-changing reality. Thank you again Dr. Ebere!
Dr. Frimpong Kodua

Career Coaching || Pursing a career serving the underserved
I met Dr. Azumah in 2019 when we both attended a global health conference at Yale University. I was immediately impressed with Dr. Azumah’s eagerness to help mentor the next generation of minoritized physicians. She took me under her wings and propelled me to continue pushing myself to become a physician, especially at challenging points. I recall getting my MCAT score back and not doing as well as I wanted to. As soon as I told Dr. Azumah that I no longer wanted to apply to medical school that year, she encouraged me to still apply and not let an MCAT score deter me from applying to medical schools. Additionally, she wrote me a strong letter of recommendation that I am sure was well-received by the admissions committee. After gaining my acceptance, Dr. Azumah played an active role in helping me secure some funding for my medical education by writing me reference letters for two competitive scholarships that I had applied for. In addition to providing mentorship in the academic arena, Dr. Azumah also helped me reach my professional and personal goals. I recall wanting to start a nonprofit, and I had no idea where to start. Dr. Azumah have me the ins and outs of starting a successful nonprofit, and I now run two different nonprofits, all thanks to her mentorship. I am forever grateful for Dr. Azumah’s unwavering and continuous support.
Dr. Matida Bojang
Medical Student
I’ve had the pleasure of working with Dr. Ebere Azumah for the past 2 years as a colleague and mentee. Dr. Azumah is an intentional, empathetic, practical, and effective coach. She has helped me recognize my strengths and leverage my resources to enhance my personal and professional development. Whether you are a student seeking support with understanding how to align your education with your true life’s purpose or a mid-career professional interested in switching careers, I highly recommend working with Dr. Azumah!
Bria Gadsden, MS
Co-Founder and Executive Director of Love Your Menses, Inc.
Having Ebere as a life coach is a blessing. Through my ups and downs, she has encouraged me to stay positive and keep going through my hardship. Having a strong woman beside me to keep me strong has encouraged me to do bigger things in life. I forever will be grateful. Thank you
Kelvin Carter
Business Coaching
“Ebere is a great friend and mentor, who knows exactly when to push me to my limits and when to be a listening ear. I know that she always works with my absolute best interest in mind, and have no doubt that I could trust her with anything. I would highly recommend seeking her guidance through the ups and downs of life.”
Sarah D.
startup coaching: femr
I met Dr. Ebere at a critical period while developing the strategic plan for my nonprofit organization. I had spent countless hours trying to identify my “secret sauce” without any luck. But, once I had a meeting with her, it was like a light bulb turned on, and I could get my document together. Thanks to Dr. Ebere’s selfless service, my organization is off to a very great start, and I’m happy for the future I see.
Organizational Coaching: http://www.edenfoundationg.com
I met Dr. Azumah in 2020 when I was a sophomore in college applying as an intern for her program, Healthy and Uplifted. Upon meeting her, I felt this sense of warmth and comfort from her that grew over time. There were times where I felt unqualified and confused about my career path, but she empowered me and constantly spoke life and truth into me. At the end of our conservations, I always left feeling so inspired. I will always be grateful for her mentorship and the things she has done for me. I highly recommend Dr. Azumah for life coaching, her guidance will help you through whatever you may be facing.
Sarika Pulimootil
Pre-PA student

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