Beauty Bonfire a time to network in a supportive space with women who care!

Healthy and Uplifted and Azumah Solutions LLC: Holiday Glam Beauty Bonfire

In this premium DUAL masterclass, you will spend some time with Holistic Subject Matter Experts as they help you explore your beauty from the inside out. You will get to spend some time virtually with Dr. Azumah, a Women’s Health Expert, Public Health Professional, and Community Educator as she empowers you to let your inner beauty shine. In addition, you will spend some time with Dr. Kemmy our board-certified Dermatologist and Lifestyle Coach, and Ms. Natashe Amand Paris, M.Ed, LPC our Etiquette-Therapist who coined the term Etiquette Therapy because of her passion for glamming women and healing their mental health.

These ladies have one passion, helping women thrive by encouraging a reset to any negative thoughts and encouraging self-confidence which begins from the inside out. So we can all THRIVE, SHINE and FLOURISH.

Come join us as Dr. Kemmy gives us the guide to keeping our skin glowing and healthy all winter long. Ms. Natasha Paris will show us how to create the perfect glam look for these holiday festivities. Dr. Azumah will wrap up the event with her signature empowerment discussion on recognizing our inner beauty.

20TH NOV. 2021 || 2:30-4:30 pm ET

Dr. Ebere Azumah

Women’s Health Physician & Consultant, Certified Professional & Personal Development Coach

My name is Ebere Azumah, and I love delivering babies, teaching and caring for girls, women, and educating our communities.

I am a board certified Obstetrician and gynecologist who obtained her medical degree from Wayne State School of Medicine. As a new attending in 2014, I found out that there is more to providing care, and then, I realized that I needed to understand the American healthcare delivery system better. So, I decided to obtain my Master’s degree in Public Health at Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health in Boston to understand more about the various healthcare systems, and key stakeholders in healthcare decision making. My experience in Boston was truly life-altering. During that period, I met my business partner, Bria Gadsden, and we formed an empowerment and menstrual

Dr. Kemmy Mokaya

Board Certified Dermatologist, Beauty Coach & Consultant

Dr. Kemunto Mokaya, M.D. (aka Dr.Kemmy) is a highly-respected board-certified dermatologist based in Houston, TX. She was trained at Yale, Harvard, and UCSF for her medical career. She is a diplomat of the American Academy of Dermatologists (AAD) and the American Society for Dermatologic Society (ASDS) where she serves on several leadership committees. She has participated in the Harvard Surgical Leadership Program and the ASDS Future Leaders Network. She is a medical expert volunteer for the Albinism Society of Kenya. Additionally, she has successfully practiced as a dermatologist for the past 10 years. She is highly skilled in medical, surgical, and cosmetic dermatology. 


She also practices Lifestyle Medicine which incorporates evidence-based lifestyle interventions such as nutrition, exercise and stress management in patient care with the goal of providing holistic care to patients even when they come in for a skin disorder. 


She is a physician leader who is trusted by her peers for her knowledge as a dermatologist and her leadership in providing exemplary care for her patients and community.  She has been featured in multiple platforms such as the Huffington Post, Healthline, NBC, Ebony, and many others.  


In addition, Dr. Kemmy is also a mindset coach, best-selling author, podcaster, and an international professional speaker. Her personal mission is to help people live to their fullest potential by adopting a sustainable and a healthy mindset and confident skin.


Azumah Solutions LLC is pleased to partner up with Dr. Kemmy as she shares her knowledge about skin care, slowing the aging process and one-on-one question and answer interaction with you. 




Natasha Paris

Mental Health Therapist, Etiquette Coach & Beauty Consultant

Natasha Paris St. Amand, M. Ed, LPC (aka The Etiquette-Therapist) was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY to Haitian parents. She is a Certified Etiquette Trainer and a licensed Professional Mental Health Therapist. She is a former model, makeup artist and a wardrobe stylist, who has facilitated several workshops in cities such as New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, New Orleans, Northern Virginia, Maryland and District of Columbia (DC). She has combined the love for Mental Health and the Etiquette/Fashion Industry into one and by creating a brand called the “The Etiquette-Therapy”.  

She is also the founder and CEO of Freedom Revealed Image Consultants, LLC (FRIC). FRIC is a consulting firm that specializes in Image and Etiquette Coaching. FRIC takes a holistic approach to training adolescents (males & females), adults, groups and organizations for either professional development, leadership training, job readiness, confidence awareness, and life-skills. FRIC’s main mission allows for individuals to evolve into the best versions of themselves all the while providing them with the necessary tools to become successful.

In 2020, she founded G.U.R.L.S (Girls Unapologetically Reaching Levels Successfully). This program empowers and develops young girls (10-14 y/o) to reach levels of excellence unapologetically while remaining true to the essence of their identity. The G.U.R.L.S project celebrates and empowers young girls from different cultures, races and ethnicities around the country and around the world. 

She is passionate about training women and girls across the globe to find the confidence to be independent and unapologetically free. 

Azumah Solutions LLC is pleased to partner up with the Etiquette-Therapist, Ms. Natasha Paris St. Amand as she facilitates a makeup workshop and provides empowering messages to women.





Embracing your beauty. Join us for a makeup and confidence building Workshop