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As the Co-Founder and President of Love Your Menses, Inc., Dr. Azumah has coordinated and hosted multiple Period Workshops. She uses her background as a gynecologist and Public Health professional to educate and empower girls to love their bodies, believe in themselves and to create a more peaceful world.

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Dr. Azumah has spoken to physicians about Physician Leadership, and to medical students about becoming physician leaders. She has also spoken to young adults on how to become effective leaders in their communities.

Many others distinguish the difference between a manager from a leader. A leader is a distinction provided by the people one serves. Dr. Azumah is passionate about the different types of leadership, but especially a servant leader. This servant leadership emboldens her worldview as a Christian.

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Dr. Azumah has spoken to diverse groups on the roles of women empowerment in our communities, especially in our global communities. She has spoken on vaginal health, safe deliveries, postpartum hemorrhage prevention, and the need/importance of self-care.

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Dr. Azumah loves moderating events and has moderated her webinar called Healthy and Uplifted that began as a response to the perilous time in 2020. As a moderator, she engages with both the audience and panelists as she drives down the objectives of each event. With Dr. Azumah’s numerous experiences, she is able to correlate different topics with everyone involved. 


Dear panelists,


Thank you all so much for the time that you spent preparing for our Vaginal Health Panel and for spending the time to have the very important conversations about vaginal health and intimate care products that we had last week. The event was a huge success and you all were a big part of that. So, thank you!


We have been receiving emails and feedback about the event from our organizational partners and our members about how great the event was and how much we need these conversations. Thank you for being a part of this incredible panel. And because these conversations are so important, our team is already starting to talk about what else we can do and what our next steps are to continue these conversations. We’ll keep you updated and if you have any feedback, questions, or suggestions, please feel free to send them our way!


The WVE staff and I wanted to send you a digital thank you card for the time and effort you put into this panel, and for the passion and hard work you put into your work in the movement.


Thank you again, and I look forward to continuing our collaborative relationships in the future!


Here’s to healthy vaginas!



-Maria Ignacia Miranda Santis

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